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Our American Made Solutions

Class Connection IP6000 is our versatile, easily managed IP network based solution. IP6000 features 2-way classroom communications, facility/district wide mass notification for emergency announcements, an advanced bell scheduler, unlimited voice paths for simultaneous conversations, supervision, network based remote management, and unlimited expansion capability. Designed for facilities that recognize the long term cost savings of convergence, IP6000 is a popular choice for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Class Connection ES is our feature rich, analog based communication solution. Class Connection ES features 2-way classroom communications, facility wide mass notification for emergency announcements, an advanced bell scheduler, synchronized clocks and multiple voice paths for simultaneous conversations. Class Connection ES continues to be the analog system of choice for thousands of schools throughout the world.

Both Class Connection IP6000 and Class Connection ES systems feature a wide array of speaker, horn, clock and call box styles.

Our product offering is extremely comprehensive. We have regional product experts nationwide readily awaiting an opportunity to discuss the best system and system options for your facility’s needs. We encourage you to contact us today! or 877-427-2166

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With up to 360 individual zones, general announcements may be directed to all or any combination of speakers - all accomplished by simple telephone dial access.


Inherent area of rescue functionality provides documented response times for crisis situations involving physically impaired students and staff.


Unlike competitors that restrict administrators through cumbersome LCD display or telephone-based programming, Class Connection provides an innovative PC based Administrative Tool. Schedule changes, Music Distribution, Holiday Setup and system time/date are all managed in a comfortable point and click Windows environment.

Integrated WAV Files!

Custom WAV files, emergency evacuation announcements, custom tones, school fight songs, or any other WAV formatted audio file may be stored in the Class Connection ES system. These WAV files may be activated via pushbutton, telephone dial code or through the system’s Administrative software tool. Regardless of the activation method utilized, the WAV files may be broadcast to any or all areas of the school as either high or low priority announcements.